Abdullahi Mohamud Osman a young man from Jowhar celebrating the election of President Farmaajo coined the phrase “Ar Farmaajo ii geeya” “Take Me to Farmaajo”

Abdullahi Mohamud Osman’s “Ar Farmaajo ii geeya” is the rallying cry and represents the happiness and celebration of the Somali people with the election of President Mohamed Abdullahi “Farmajo”.

“Ar Farmaajo ii geeya” did not only happen in Jowhar but also took place cities like Mogadishu, Kismaayo, Garoowe, Baydhabo, Boosaaso, Gaalkacyo, Dhuusa Mareeb, Burco, Hargeysa, Riyadh, Toronto, Minneapolis, Seattle, Buffalo, Ottawa, Montreal, Johannesburg, East leigh, Adi Ababa, Jig Jiga, and everywhere that the Somali people settled.

Let us ask ourselves what causes this euphoria, optimism, and patriotic moment with election of President Mohamed Abdullahi “Farmajo” Mohamed? Let us start with the obvious:

  1. We can identify with him: He mirrors most of our experiences. He comes from humble beginnings and was a refugee like most Somalis. He is someone who can understand what a nationhood is and what can happen when you have no place to call home.
  2. In his short time, as Prime Minister he has shown integrity and clean government that did not take part in corruption. We saw him someone who cares enough and will eliminate all traces of corruption from his administration.
  3. He campaigned on a platform of security, accountability and rebuilding. He has shown in the past that he is man of keeps his promises.
  4. We see from his actions and words that he is someone who unites and does not divide the Somalia people.
  5. He leads by example, we saw him eat with his soldiers when he was Prime Minister and we saw him take care of the Somali people. He is guided by the interest of the Somali people not his interest or that of any other entity.
  6. We believe he will select a capable Prime Minister and Ministers that will implement his agenda and vision for the Somali nation.
  7. We believe he will stand up to the existing parallel governments (Regional States, United Nations, Neighboring countries, NGO’s) and use them as positive ends and not destructive ends.
  8. We Somalis do not forget when an outsider knocks one of our own. We remember what happened in Kampala.

We are all saying today “Ar Farmaajo noo geeya”.

But this is euphoria and euphoria after a while dissipates and the hard and slog work of governing begins. Let us not only celebrate and dance on the streets but show our appreciation and by doing the hard-work of contributing to this patriotic moment.

Let us add this to our new phrases: What can I do for Somalia and Farmaajo?

Ask yourself can the Somalis in Minneapolis pay the salary of two battalions about 2000 soldiers? Can the Somalis of Toronto do the same? Can Somalis in Johannesburg, Ottawa, Kansas City each pay the salary of one battalion about 800 soldiers each?

I believe we can and we need to organize and organize very soon before the enemies of our nation organize themselves to undermine “Ar Farmaajo ii geeya”

Soomaaliya ha noo laato.

Ali Osman