somalia economy

Somalia Economy Update

Somalia’s economy is projected to grow at a steady, nominal annual rate of 5% to 7% over the medium-term, according to the second Somalia Economic Update to be published by the World Bank Group: Mobilizing Domestic Revenue to Rebuild.

Economic Diplomacy

Somalia’s Investment Promotion policy is to advance the nations development, progress and prosperity. Somalia’s Economic diplomacy utilizes all our international assets to advance Somalia and the world’s prosperity.

Trade and Investment

Somalia’s economy is growing and is built on a strong trading relationship with the world as well as favorable liberal investment policies which welcome all investors contributing to our dynamic private sector.

Investment Law

Trade and investment are the key drivers of development in Somalia that will ensure Somalia plays the fullest role in a changing and interdependent world. In support of this goal, Somalia has adopted one of the most flexible foreign investment laws.


Our mission is to enhance and strengh the relationship between Somalia and United Arab Emirates, promote Somali values, culture and interest, as well as provide Somali citizens in the United Arab Emirates with the services, information and the resources they need.


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