Hundreds gathered in the Somali capital of Mogadishu on Sunday morning to rally around President Mohamed Abdulahi Mohamed Farmajo’s 100th day in office,

Mogadishu residents flocked to Banadir Stadium in large numbers as they were waving country’s flags and wearing cloths featuring the photo of President Farmajo.

Somali President Farmajo, Prime Minister Hasan Ali Khayre, Mogadishu Mayor, Federal lawmakers and cabinet ministers were among participants in the event held at Mogadishu’s Football Stadium.

President Farmajo addressed the crowd and thanked them for their support to his government and promised to push efforts to tackle country’s challenges to promote much awaited peace and prosperity.

Those who turned out in support of President Farmajo said they were impressed with government progress and improving security as well as how he’s handled main issues so far.

This rally considered the biggest support event held for a setting President since the collapse of Somalia’s central government in 1991 during the civil war.

President Farmajo whose regarded as people’s choice was elected on last February 8, after beating his main rival former Somali President Hasan Shaikh Mahmoud in a landslide victory.