H.E Hassan Sheikh Mohamud

H.E President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud is the current and 10th President of the Federal Republic of Somalia following his successful re-election during the Presidential elections held on 15th May 2022.

H.E Hassan Sheikh previously led our nation’s first non-transitional government when he served from 2012 to 2017 as the 8th President of the Federal Republic of Somalia.

H.E President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud was Born in 1955 in Jalalaqsi, in central Hiran- Somalia.

He attended his early education until his undergraduate level, in Somalia where he graduated with a Bachelor of Technology from the Somali National University in 1981. He later proceeded to Bhopal University in India for a Master of Technical Education which he finalized in 1988. He has received recognition for his lifetime service to education in Somalia when he was awarded an honorary Doctor of Literature in 2015 by Barkatullah University.

H.E President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has served extensively in the education sector which he first joined as an instructor and trainer at the Lafole Technical Secondary School, before becoming Head of Department at the Somali National University-affiliated Technical Teachers’ Training College. He later joined UNICEF where he served as an education officer based in the central and southern parts of the country.

Owing to his keen interest in education and reconciliation, H.E President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud spent his entire life in community reconciliation initiatives, civil society sector and education in Somalia. Since the start of the Civil war in the early 1990s; he worked as a peace activist where he spearheaded political dialogue between local actors and faction leaders in the community.

He has left an indelible mark on the Somali civil society, leading to the emergence and formation of numerous networks, coalitions and professional associations some of which are still active to date.

After decades of community service, in 2011, H.E Hassan Sheikh Mohamud eventually launched his political career which formed part of his journey to the Presidency as he founded the Peace and Development Party (PDP). He was later elected as an MP in August 2012 in the newly formed Federal Parliament where his fellow legislators expressed their faith in his leadership thus electing him as the 8th President of Somalia.  
After H.E President Hassan Sheikh’s electoral success on 10th September 2012 to become the President of Somalia, global faith in the Somali government rose significantly, and his administration was the first to be recognized by the international community since the civil war in 1991. International confidence was demonstrated in the swift resumption of operations of Foreign Embassies in Somalia followed by foreign aid commitments by partners.
During his first term in office as President, the nation witnessed massive progress across various sectors. H.E Hassan Sheikh Mohamud championed the democratization of Somalia, prioritizing three cornerstones of democratic progress: the revision of the Provisional Federal Constitution, establishing Somalia’s federal member states, and establishing a robust, representative electoral process to build the foundation for a future one-person, one-vote process.
As the Commander-in-Chief, H.E Hassan Sheikh Mohamud oversaw the rebuilding of a more integrated, accountable and transparent security sector. The Somalia National Army and Police were reinvigorated and re-capacitated. This saw the liberation of more than 80% of Somalia from Al-Shabaab and return under the leadership of the government.
The operationalization of Mogadishu’s seaport and airport were some of the key steps taken by H.E President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud to put Somalia ahead as a nation as this returned valuable domestic revenue to the state. This enabled the government to undertake large-scale infrastructure initiatives, such as the construction of roads, schools and hospitals, and comprehensive mapping of Somalia’s extensive natural resources.
H.E Hassan Sheikh Mohamud laid a strong socio-economic foundation under his leadership, as Industries such as the banking and telecommunications sector, and money transfer agencies increased. This boosted international trade with exports almost tripling, and the livestock industry recovered to play a leading role in Somalia’s exports owing to a business-friendly atmosphere.

H.E Hassan Sheikh Mohamud prioritized the establishment of a sound and credible Public Finance Management system, triggering Somalia’s re-engagement with international finance institutions (IFIs). Somalia commenced an IMF Staff Monitored Program, the first step in debt relief.


This re-engagement allowed much-needed access to financing for development, including monetary policy reform to pave the way for the introduction of Somalia’s national currency. A national budgeting system was introduced, with the state integrity organs such as offices of the Attorney general, Accountant general, Auditor General and the Central Bank reestablished, and the first budget since 1990 was introduced.
After serving for five years, H.E Hassan Sheikh Mohamud successfully handed over the presidency to his successor in a peaceful transition of power in February 2017.
H.E Hassan Sheikh Mohamud was inaugurated on 9th June 2022 to serve as President after winning the Somali Presidential elections against his predecessor, His Excellency Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo to implement his vision; Somalia at peace with itself and the world. 



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